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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Budak Zaman Sekarang Advance Sungguh yer.

Bengang betul bila baca berita ni,dah jadi macam ni nak salahkan siapa???Tak sangka budak-budak berhingus ni boleh rogol orang.Masa dulu time umur macam ni,bukan nak tau benda-benda macam ni.Budak sekarang ni bahaya betul la.

KULIM: They are young boys – not old enough to carry identity cards. And their victim is much younger.
One of the lads bragged in class that he and some friends had lured the seven-year-old girl into a hut and sexually assaulted her.
She screamed in pain but they continued to sodomise and rape her.
The matter was reported to their teacher who in turn told the mother of the 10-year-old braggart what had happened.
Police said they have picked up three boys – aged 10 to 11 – in connection with the alleged incident that occurred in Bandar Baru, near here, on Oct 13.
The boys are out on bail after having their statements recorded.
It is learnt the girl was playing near her house when the boys invited her to follow them to the hut, about 2km from her home, at 10am on that day.
In the hut, the victim claimed she was forced to strip.
The boys, after raping her, warned her not to tell her parents about the incident.
The victim only blurted out the story after her mother, 33, questioned her.
A medical examination confirmed the victim was raped and sodomised.
The angry parents want the police to conduct a thorough investigation and take action against the suspects.
The 36-year-old father, a lorry driver, said he would take legal action against the families of the young suspects.
Kedah CID chief Asst Comm Zakaria Ahmad confirmed the incident and said investigations were underway and police hoped to wrap up the investigation soon.

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fieda said...

bdk2 skrg ni sgt2 menggerunkan la...fuhh..

D'ya Marshmello said...

huh, inilah budak zaman sekarang, macam-macam boleh jadi..lagi advance kot dari zaman dulu. feel free to visit me back ;)

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